Wild Cats of Eastern Ontario-
Evening Presentation & Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the Tracking Workshops and Wild Cats Presentation.
Please complete the following form to register.
Tracking Workshops are limited to 15 participants each so registrations for these will not be processed until we receive payment.

Tracking Workshop Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 5th

Payment Options Include:
  1. Online Payment (click here)
  2. Cheque (made payable to Watersheds Canada) mailed to Watersheds Canada
  3. Cash/Cheque (made payable to Watersheds Canada) in person to Kelly's Flowers (not available for Tracking Workshops)
  4. Pay at the door (not available for Tracking Workshops)
Watersheds Canada
40 Sunset Blvd #115
Perth, ON K7H 3C6

Kelly's Flowers
17 Wilson St E #104 (in Code's Mill Building), Perth, ON 
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